Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Feeding the Creativity Beast

An artist's intrinsic need to create can’t be ignored if you want to stay sane.  My husband and kids all know that when my bitch factor goes up, I’ve neglected my Muse...who can turn into a hungry behemoth worthy of a Stephen King tale.  Even if all you have is the ten   
minutes a day when you’re drinking your morning coffee, grab a pencil and a sketchbook. Draw something - anything! Your hand is always ready and willing to pose, as is your foot or your lazy dog. The subject doesn’t matter - the process does. Larger doses - studio time or painting a stream under the summer sun - may be needed for full transformation of the Beast back into the warm fuzzy it should be, but small doses will keep it muzzled. And drawing/doodling is never a waste of time since your skills will naturally improve and refine over time.

My point here is that no matter what kind of creative you are, when you’re at your best, you’re totally immersed in the experience of creating.  Of course you do indeed need to come back to earth periodically and deal with mowing the lawn, bills in the mailbox, kids fighting over the last cookie and the cat hacking up a hairball on the living room carpet. But when your Creative Beast has been fed, it will give you something back that’s more than just painting time - it releases happy little endorphins which, in turn, may keep you more centered and better able to cope with everything else going on in your life, especially now with the Holiday Season upon us! Be good to your Beast and she’ll return the favor.

Have a great week full of art making and remember to Live Out Loud!

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