Saturday, November 5, 2016

Welcome to Art Lady Confidential!

I am here to give you some technique tips and tricks from myself and others, offer critiques, profile some of the fabulous artists and designers I've come to know and who are succeeding in their art quests, critique. and review both art materials and art/design-related apps.
The Pressure's On ©2016 Terry Stanley

I need people like you to ask questions, make suggestions, comment and participate in any other way you can think of!

Back in 2003, my paintings brought me to the attention of the Jack Richeson family. They own Jack Richeson & Co. the art materials manufacturing/distributing company. Jack had long held the dream of starting an art school and opening a gallery to house his humongous art collection and display the work of contemporary representational artists. I was asked to undertake the task and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life! Check it out here.

I discovered I loved teaching! Even better, that I could tap into Jack's huge network of artist friends. I got to hire the people I admired to do workshops at Richesons and ended up studying with most of them myself. Many have become close friends, as have a lot of the students who traveled to Wisconsin to participate in the Richeson workshops. I became active in many national art organizations, which still play a part in my artist's journey.
Effects Collection ©2016 Terry Stanley

I started the Richeson75 International Art Competitions and learned even more by viewing thousands of artworks and curating the competition exhibits. I gained a reputation as one who is able to give concise, accurate critique, developing a talent for zeroing in on an issue and being able to suggest workable solutions. Goodness knows I've never been accused of not having an opinion!

Last but certainly not least, I got an incredible education in art materials, being able to test and compare everything from paper to brushes to paint to easels and learn how many of those things were actually made there in the Richeson factory. Throughout the years, I became a go-to source for questions the company got on product usage and techniques. When I didn't know the answer, I did research and found it.
Commissioned Portrait ©2016 Terry Stanley

At the end of last year, I "retired" to paint and indulge my passion for textile and surface design. I found that after 13 years of being in the proverbial loop of the contemporary representational art world, I miss interacting with the community, hence, the creation of this blog.

Interested in getting a critique? Here's the deal: If you're willing to let the critique be included on the blog (you have the choice on whether or not to be anonymous, but you must give permission for the artwork to be shown), send me a 300 dpi jpg or pdf of the painting or drawing via email along with your name, contact info and what YOU think of the piece: What do you like, where are you struggling? I will send you a full critique along with an annotated photoshop image of the work and that will also be posted on the blog. If you wish to have a private critique, (not published on the blog), please specify that when you send the information requested above: I will send you a paypal link for the $35 charge, which will include both the annotated image and up to a 15 minute phone call after you receive the critique. If you want to check out my work, my fine art website can be found here.

If you would like to be a guest blogger or have product(s) you'd like to have reviewed please contact me via email.


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    1. Thank Heather! I hope this will bring some fun and info to all involved!

  2. Terry,
    Didn't know you were into textiles! Small world, so am I. I will be sending you an image for critique on your blog. Great idea! Pat Bishop

    1. I didn't know you did either LOL! I've only recently gotten really active with textiles but love it so much! Thanks for subscribing to the blog and I'll look forward to the critique submission!

  3. I'm looking forward to receiving your blog. Great idea Terry!

  4. Thanks Terry. Looking forward to this. Didn't know you were into textiles. Would you believe, I am also doing things with textiles (miniatures at this point) and have some ideas I want to work on if I can ever get my new studio up and going?!! Actually rather a mixed media thing I think it would be.

    1. That's great Carol! I'll look forward to seeing what you're doing!

  5. Congratulations Terry! Looking forward to your posts.

    1. Thanks Pat! Shooting for entertaining and informative :-)


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