Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Meet Artist Don Demers

Don Demers
Today I'd like to introduce you to an artist who, in my opinion, is one of the best marine and landscape artists in the country, Don Demers.

ALC: How did you come to be a professional artist? Was it always your direct goal or was your path a winding one?
Don Demers: I'm unusual in that even as a young child, art was my avocation. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't make my living as an artist of some kind and that attitude sustained itself through school and into my adult life. I was very lucky.
ALC: What's your favorite digital tool?
Don Demers: I don't have one. I'm somewhat of a Luddite.
ALC: What's your favorite non-digital tool 0 the one you absolutely can't live without?
Don Demers: My paintbrush!
ALC: If you could take any workshop in the next year, with whom would your study and what would you look to learn from him/her?
Don Demers: I don't have a specific artist in mind, but I'd like to go back and work with the human figure. I've been dedicated to landscape and seascape for the better part of my career and I'd like to flex some different and latent artistic muscles.
ALC: What does your workspace look like?
Monterey Surf by Don Demer 
Don Demers: I work in an independent studio with a fine north light. I think the studio is sacred space for the creative process.
ALC: What is your primary art goal for the next year?
Don Demers: To continue to make a living at it of course! That means finding collectors that want to acquire my work. I'd also like to explore some approaches in my technique that might be a bit more experimental and lead to some new interpretations of familiar subject matter.
ALC: What do you consider to be your strongest attribute as an artist?
Don Demers: My love for and dedication to what I do. No results can be obtained without a deep commitment to your art and your craft.
Dusk on the Reef by Don Demers
ALC: What painting project would be your "dream job", the one you'd consider to be the ultimate sign of success for you personally?
Don Demers: I'd like to have an exhibition with a museum based on the theme of "The Sea."
ALC: What one piece of advice would you give to someone following in your footsteps?
Don Demers: Look inside yourself and work your tail off until you hear and see your voice emerge. It comes through your head, your heart and your hands. Leave the rest to finding good representation and don't be fooled by thinking this is easy and can be obtained quickly. It can't.
ALC: Would you share your favorite technique or technical tip for our readers?
Sheepscott Morning by Don Demers
Don Demers: Learn to use your brush in all of its potential. The brush is a very diverse and versatile tool. Most students I work with don't have the skill required to get the most out of that simple but remarkable implement.

Don's Website: http://donalddemers.com
Don is represented by the following galleries:
Vose Galleries, Boston, MA
Helena Fox Fine Art, Charleston, NC
John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Gallery at Somes Sound, Mt. Desert, ME
J. Russell Jinishian Gallery, Fairfield, CT
Haynes Gallery, Nashville, KY and Thomaston, ME

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